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Our company serves as a Hearing Aids Application, Sales and Repair-Service center. We support our patients with state-of-the-art devices and our expert staff. Every person is social and we will be honored to support you with your sociable hearing-related complaints.

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Motion X

Motion X

Motion X

The new Signia Motion X range of hearing aids allows you to take your hearing performance to the next level.

Motion Charge&Go X

with a Decently small size comparable to 312 devices, the superior BTE Motion Charge&Go X combines elegant design, rechargability, Bluetooth and Signia Assistant technology. Its application is flexible, convenient and easy to use. Thanks to all this, Motion Charge&Go X is the ideal solution for those who are looking for comfort, elegance and superior performance in a hearing aid Decoupled together.

The best performance in any situation

The new Signia Motion X range of hearing aids allows you to take your hearing performance to the next level.

Motion Charge&Go X

Motion Charge&Go X

Motion Charge&Go X

Thanks to their revolutionary sensor technology, they understand whether you are moving or not and allow you to experience everything that is happening around you while you are on the move during the day.


Bluetooth Connection


AI Digital Assistant

Instant Application

Up to 61 hours of use with a one-time full charge

No need to bother with battery replacement: These modern versatile devices are rechargeable and provide a tremendous use of up to 61 hours on a single charge!

Elegant design for the right application

This super powerful device with a smaller design offers both super features and a super application.

Perfect sound

The latest Signia Xperience audio system offers state-of-the-art, high-resolution sound quality.

Advanced speech comprehension

It reduces noise and allows you to focus on the sounds around you.

Automatic status detection

Now you are ready for all kinds of challenges because the sound dampers adapt to all kinds of acoustic situations.

The ideal connection

on technology With Bluetooth connection, you can stream phone calls, music and TV audio directly to your devices.

Connection and application control

AI-powered personal voice

AI-powered personal audio The revolutionary Signia Assistant optimizes the sound in the most appropriate way for situations that you will encounter in everyday life.

The hearing professional in your pocket

The Signia app allows you to communicate with your hearing care professional via your smartphone when you need remote support.

Catch the perfection with the most suitable option for you

Everyone's need for hearing is different. Therefore, the Motion X series offers a variety of products suitable for different levels of hearing loss, from a device with the smallest design to a Super Power device for very advanced hearing loss:

Motion Charge&Go X

Easy to use, rechargeable and small behind-the-ear hearing aids. These premium rechargeable hearing aids combine the unique Signia Xperience technology with Bluetooth and Signia Assistant. Just recharge and get on with your day.

Motion Charge&Go X

This powerful, rechargeable hearing solution has a small and elegant new design. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and Signia Assistant, it offers the best performance even on the busiest days.

Motion Charge&Go P X

This revolutionary device combines Super Power with super features. The ideal solution for those with advanced and very advanced hearing loss. Super power, small design, Bluetooth connectivity, rechargability and Signia Assistant are all Decoupled in one.

All models come with a compact charger, upgrading to a Dry&Clean charger is optional.

The innovative Signia Motion X series , stylish, modern, rechargeable devices, overcome all kinds of challenges and allow you to achieve perfection every day.

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Personalize your hearing experience

Motion 13 Nx ve Motion 13 P Nx

A versatile solution for a natural audio experience and direct audio transmission

Motion Charge & Go SP X accessories

StreamLine TV

Transmits TV audio directly to hearing aids

StreamLine Mic

It provides hands-free phone calls and music in premium stereo and works as a remote microphone

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