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Our company serves as a Hearing Aids Application, Sales and Repair-Service center. We support our patients with state-of-the-art devices and our expert staff. Every person is social and we will be honored to support you with your sociable hearing-related complaints.

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Personal (cic)

Personal (cic)

Personal (cic)

These in-ear models are shaped according to the anatomy of your ear and adjusted according to your hearing needs. Our small complete in-channel (CIC) model is the first hearing aid of its kind with best-in-class Bluetooth audio transmission.

linx renk seçenekleri resound

Features that enrich your life

Extraordinary sound

Listen and talk easily, hearing everything with a clear sound quality.

Full audio transmission

You can even transfer stereo audio directly from smart devices to discreet special hearing aids.

A personal approach

You can get support, professional configuration and software updates whenever and wherever you are.

Truly reliable

You can continue to use the longest-lasting rechargeable hearing aid throughout the day.

Clarity even in fine details

The ReSound LiNX Quattro premium family of hearing aids offers an excellent hearing experience with Sound Layers.

Clearer sound in all kinds of environments

Perceive conversations more clearly and hear all sounds, no matter from which direction they come. From the busy street noise to the quiet theater environment, you will be able to focus on speech sounds and hear the sounds around you in a wide variety of situations.

Experience sound with more layers

Capture all the fine details of the sound. Low and high pitched sounds sound fuller and more natural to your ear. Quiet environments are really quiet, loud environments also sound comfortable, clear and clean. Jul.

resound linx quattro

Small and perfect design

The mini-sized Speaker In-Ear model has an inconspicuous aesthetic design. With its small size and style, it is almost invisible.

Audio transmission to the entire spectrum

Stay connected to people and entertainment by streaming stereo audio directly to your wireless hearing aids. All models offer the full spectrum of audio transmission, including from iOS and Android TM devices* and without the need for an additional October device.

resound linx quattro
resound linx quattro

Remote fine tuning easily with our application

No matter where you are, you can easily request fine tuning from your hearing care professional at any time and get direct support service.

Adjust the sound as you wish by swiping the screen

You are in control with the ReSound Smart 3D app. You can quickly and secretly personalize the details of your device

The rechargeable solution will never let you down, pocket-sized power

Trust yourself all day long with its long-lasting reliable energy and practical, intuitive accessibility.


Would you like to hear more? We are here to listen to you.

Let's find a hearing aid specialist near you who can introduce you to the new ReSound LiNX Quattro.

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