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Our company serves as a Hearing Aids Application, Sales and Repair-Service center. We support our patients with state-of-the-art devices and our expert staff. Every person is social and we will be honored to support you with your sociable hearing-related complaints.

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Phonak Sky™ Marvel

Phonak Sky™ Marvel

Phonak Sky™ Marvel

Equipped with powerful rechargeable technology, the Marvel has easy operation, charges quickly and provides all-day hearing, including audio transmission.

The key to child development

Close relationships are indispensable for children's social, emotional and cognitive development1. Sky Marvel allows children to form strong bonds by offering clear, rich sound and access to more words and conversations every day.

Clear, rich sound

AutoSense Sky OS is the first operating system developed specifically for children in the world, providing an optimal listening experience in environments such as noisy classrooms and playgrounds.

Connection to smartphones, Roger microphones and more

Sky Marvel connects directly to smartphones and other Bluetooth® enabled devices, allowing children to enjoy conversation, music, television and much more.


This powerful rechargeable technology offers all-day hearing, including 10 hours of Roger or media audio transmission.

Child-specific design

It is designed for comfort, safety and robustness in all areas of the child's active life, it is tamper-proof.

Mix and Match Colors

Sky Marvel has a variety of colors, from fun and lively tones to skin-colored tones that do not attract attention. Children can safely and enjoy using hearing aids by choosing a color combination that really fits their personality.

The right solution for every situation

Phonak Sky Marvel has two models that reflect the degree of your child's hearing loss. A hearing specialist will recommend the right model and level of performance for you. If you want to get more information about the different features, you can also check out the brochures at the bottom of this page.

Sky M-M

Behind The Ear

Battery: 312

For Mild to moderate hearing loss

The most ideal dimensions

Sky M-PR

Behind The Ear

Battery: Built-in, rechargeable, lithium-ion

For Mild to Severe hearing loss

hearing all day with a 10-hour Roger transmission.

fully rechargeable within 3 hours

Sky M-SP

Behind The Ear

Battery: 13

For mild-to-severe hearing loss

Very strong

Phonak Marvel technology platform

The new Marvel platform expresses our eternal commitment to improving hearing without limitations. It offers excellent hearing performance, speech comprehension and sound quality, regardless of the listening environment.

Phonak Charger Combi BTE

All-in-one charger and Decoupling hard case

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