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Our company serves as a Hearing Aids Application, Sales and Repair-Service center. We support our patients with state-of-the-art devices and our expert staff. Every person is social and we will be honored to support you with your sociable hearing-related complaints.

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ReSound ENZO Q™

Much more than being strong


Exceptional sound quality

Self-confidence starts with a reliable and effortless hearing experience where all the sounds around you are clear and comfortable. Unleash your full potential.


A complete hearing solution that goes beyond being powerful, our newest hearing aid for advanced and very advanced hearing loss, ReSound ENZO Q, has been designed with the most advanced technology so that you can benefit from clear and comfortable sounds and a wide range of connectivity options and support services.

Since the clarity of sounds is extremely important, you can personalize the hearing experience according to your own preferences. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that even if you turn on the sound of the hearing aid to the fullest, there will be no whistling or crowing sounds.

60% Improvement in recognizing conversations from the front line in noisy environments* You need to expend effort and energy to be able to hear in noisy places. You will hear better in noisy environments with ReSound ENZO Q, which intelligently supports your listening preferences, but also does not break your connection with the environment while doing so. It tracks group chats and hears where all the sounds are coming from around you, while you can focus on the conversation and other audio details.

According to research, people with advanced and very advanced hearing loss who use our technology are able to recognize front-line conversations better by an average of 60% in noisy environments.

* The advantage of the steering microphone compared to the Omni microphone (unpublished data)

Removes discomfort from disturbing sounds

It is good to amplify sound at a high level so that you feel connected to the environment and confident, but amplification of disturbing noises causes fatigue to a person.

ReSound ENZO Q provides the right balance. It detects the environments you are in and automatically adjusts the volume and noise settings to exactly the correct levels. Uncomfortable sounds such as running water or traffic noises in the background become more comfortable, but they can still be heard.

Our technology also eliminates the discomfort caused by especially loud and disturbing sounds, such as keys thrown on the table or applause at a concert. In fact, 89% of sudden loud sounds are made more comfortable with a ReSound hearing aid.


Direct audio transmission and better connection options

Enjoy crystal clear, comfortable and high-quality sound with direct audio transmission to your hearing aid* from both iOS and Android™ devices. Talking on the phone, watching TV or listening to music has now become as easy as using wireless stereo headphones.

When you transfer audio to a ReSound hearing aid, you can understand a conversation by an average of 50% more compared to a regular phone call. The transmission coil inside the ReSound ENZO Q also allows you to connect to loop sound systems in public spaces such as museums, concert halls, theaters or conference halls and transmit amplified sounds directly to your hearing aid.

* Bluetooth 5.0 compatible Android 10 version and Android Audio Transfer feature to the Hearing Aid are required.

You can completely customize it With the ReSound ENZO Q hearing aid, you set the tempo. The device automatically adjusts itself to your sound environment, but with the ReSound Smart 3D™ app, you can personalize the details of your hearing experience directly from your phone.

This application gives you the possibility of real-time control at your fingertips. By swiping the screen, you can select various programs, such as speech focusing and noise reduction, and optimize sounds based on where you are at that moment.

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Program carousel

Scroll through the ambient programs carousel by scrolling: You can select General, Restaurant, Music or Outdoor depending on the environment you are in.

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Sound Enhancer

Using the Sound Enhancer's scroll bar, filters, and quick buttons, you can increase speech focus, reduce noise, and adjust bass, medium, and treble settings.

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Location labeling

You can save your favorite audio settings and even tag them for a preferred location, so that they are automatically activated the next time you are in the same location.

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Find my hearing aid

If you can't find where you put the hearing aid, you can see the location where the device was last saved on a map – just select 'Find my hearing aid' for this.

New ReSound Assist Live*

Take advantage of face-to-face fitting sessions from anywhere you want. You can make a video call appointment with your hearing care professional with the ReSound Smart 3D application so that the fine adjustments of the hearing aid can be made remotely. * Please ask your hearing care professional which dates are appropriate.

Cochlear™ implant

Thanks to the wireless technology shared by ReSound and Cochlear, you can simultaneously stream audio directly to your Cochlear implant and ReSound hearing aid from a compatible iOS or Android device or a range of wireless accessories*. Thanks to more sound and better sound quality in both ears compared to the use of a cochlear implant alone, you can answer phone calls, enjoy your favorite music or TV series, or chat more easily with a friend in a noisy restaurant.

* For compatibility information and devices, see cochlear.com/compatibility and resound.com/compatibility

1. Farinetti A, Roman S, Mancini J, et al. Quality of life in bimodal hearing users (unilateral cochlear implants and contralateral hearing aids). Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol (2015 Nov); 272, 3209–3215.y

2. Unpublished preliminary data: Clinical evaluation of Cochlear Nucleus® CI532 cochlear implant in adults (CLTD5685). 2019, January. [Sponsored by Cochlear].

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