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Our company serves as a Hearing Aids Application, Sales and Repair-Service center. We support our patients with state-of-the-art devices and our expert staff. Every person is social and we will be honored to support you with your sociable hearing-related complaints.

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Styletto AX

 Styletto AX

Styletto AX

Based on the Augmented Xperience audiology platform, Styletto AX offers the exceptional speech clarity you need with the hearing aid features you want.


Styletto AX's award-winning SLIM-RIC design settles behind your ear with a discreet fit and a smaller design than before

Perfect hearing has never looked so good

Styletto AX rechargeable hearing aids look great with sound quality

The award-winning design is now smaller and more elegant.

Exceptional Speech Clarity

Personalized Application


Android & iPhone Connection

95% of the people who participated in a recent study stated that they were satisfied with the Augmented Xperience (AX) platform.

Portable charging

No matter where you go, Styletto AX is always with you. The unique Styletto AX charging unit provides user freedom for up to 4 days with a one-time full charge.

Wireless charging

You can charge your Styletto AX hearing aids at home or on the go outside. You can use it for up to 17 hours with a full charge. With wireless charging technology, you can easily place your charger in the charging case instead of plugging it into an outlet.

You can also use a Dry&Clean charger that offers UVC cleaning and drying technology outside of the Styletto AX device's charging unit.

Android & iPhone connection for phone calls, music and TV

Connection and app control

AI-powered personal voice

The revolutionary Signia Assistant optimizes the sound in the most appropriate way for situations that you will encounter in everyday life.

The hearing professional in your pocket

The Signia app allows you to communicate with your hearing care professional via your smartphone when you need remote support.

Download it now

Get extra support on the spot

Signia TeleCare allows you to keep in touch with your hearing aid specialist, you can get support whenever you need it.

Be Brilliant.

Styletto AX Accessories

StreamLine Mic

It provides hands-free phone calls and music in premium stereo and works as a remote microphone

StreamLine TV

Transmits TV audio directly to hearing aids

Meet the award-winning headset design

Styletto X

The Styletto X combines award-winning design and rechargability with crystal-clear sound, so you can always hear what's important to you.

Styletto Connect

Styletto Connect has a slim design, a variety of colors and a stylish posture. With a small, compact charger, you can charge the Styletto Connect device - on the go.

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